Friday, January 22, 2010

Bonsai Cycas

This is photo of my bonsai Cycas. The common name is Cycas revolute (sago cycad) or king sago palm, or just sago palm, it is not a palm at all, but a cycad.There are many kinds of Cycas, and honestly I only have small knowledge about this bonsai Cycas.
What I do really know is that this plant is very interesting and exotic species. So if you have any information of this plant and want to share with me on this blog, please send via email and give some information about your plant.


  1. Zunira,
    Salam, very interesting. I admire your bonsai cycas. Your iniative to ttransform cycas to bonsai is a good try and with a proper training & guidance from a few sifu will be a good help. We'll see in a couple of yrs. So far I have never tried but will do. Who knows, you may be able to teach me, later.

  2. Salam , Cycas ni pertumbuhan pucuk Artikel Baru masa tu , kena jaga sikit lebih .. ulat rama2 perosak utama.untuk pucuk mempercepatkan pertumbuhan , Potong togel sehingga daunnya .